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Name: Mickey UHL
City: Northern California, USA
Date: 30 Mar 2000
Prospector: YES (High Banker, Dredge, Pans, Metal Detectors)
Associated: Golden Caribou Mining Club

Great site I forgot the web addy to and are two of our sites.

Name: Mickey UHL
City: Northern California, USA
Date: 21 Feb 2000
Prospector: YES (High Banker, Dredge, Pans, Metal Detectors)
Associated: Golden Caribou Mining Club

Very nice site. Keep up the info on Prospecting.

Name: James VanElla
City: Granite, Colorado, U.S.A.
Date: 5 May 1999
Prospector: YES (Mich. 4Yd loader and a 30 yd an hour goldfield wash plant)

I have found after 19 years of prospecting the more bank run material you can run in an hour the more gold you find, and that off sets the cost for larger equipment. Sucess in gold propecting I beleive is measured in volume run. My home page is

Name: Jim Cornell
City: Acworth, GA, USA
Date: 4 May 1999
Prospector: YES (2",3",4",5",6" Dredges & 2",3" Highbanker Combos)
Associated: Georgia Gold Prospectors Association "GGPA"

Founded and organized the Georgia Gold Prospectors Association "Also" GO FOR THE GOLD ADVENTURE TOURS operating out of Acworth, Ga. on Lake Alatoona. We provide Gold Prospecting Adventures for the inexperienced and new comers, Introducing Recreational Gold Prospecting in the states of Ga, Tn, NC and Az. Our Georgia Gold Prospectors Association Gold Claims of almost 2000 acres are also located in these states.

Name: Nan Pernigotti
City: Libby, MT, USA
Date: 23 Mar. 1999

I am searching for my family, who worked in the Gold Mines of Silvano D'Orba, Italy. This is in 1870's to 1880's.  Would like the history of the mines and history of the general area. Could find nothing in Library and hope this site would be full of information. Nice site. Thank you a Pernigotti in US.

Name: Jeff Bair
City: Huntington, IN, USA
Date: 26 Feb. 1999
Prospector: YES (pan, sluice, dredge)
Associated: Gold Prospectors Association of America, LDMA

Name: Dave Nickerson
City: Merced, Ca., USA
Date: 22 Feb. 1999
Prospector: YES (Pan, Sluice, Dredge (2 and 4 inch), Metal detector WhitesGM2)
Associated: GPAA

Hi , Nice web site. Check mine out at

Name: Dave Saltman
City: Manchester, England
Date: 31 Dec. 1998
Prospector: YES (Pan and hand-pump)
Associated: British Goldpanners Association
Name: David Robinson
City: Wallingford, Conn 06492
Date: 25 Dec. 1998
Prospector: YES (5' 3' 2 1/2  dredge, vac pak;  2 metal detectors)

Name: Dave Stults
City: Placerville, CA. USA
Date: 14 Dec. 1998
Prospector: YES (sluice, pan)

Name: Irene Taub
City: USA
Date: 3 Dec. 1998

Come and meet a French Canadian Gold prospector at:

Name: Andrew Crilly
Date: 27 Sept. 1998
Prospector: YES (MINELAB SD2100)

I have visited your site as part of a search. I am a gold prospector and gold prospecting tour operator in the central goldfields of Victoria Australia. Your site is very good and informative.

Name: Tom Jablonsky
City: Rector, Pa.,USA
Date: 27 Aug. 1998
Prospector: YES (pan, sluice, small dredge 3")
Associated: GPAA, LDMA, WEGM  USA

Fantastic Hobby!

Name: Andrea Pellati
City: Genoa, Italy
Date: 7 Sept. 1997
Prospector: YES
Associated: FederORO (Ovada/Alexandria-ITALY)

Write your comments here, type of search (gold pan, sluice, .....), the preferred places and everything that you come in mind, so to realize an electronic show-case useful to all!
After have signed and read this page, don't forget to read the guest book in Italian language also! Good pursuance....

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