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The principal purpose of this page is that to create a list of World Magazines dedicated to Gold Prospectors, thus if you want to signalize a magazine, not present in the inferior list (or correct or add data to existing), compile the registration form.
In this page, you will not find the Italian Magazines, if you want to know them then go to the corresponding page.

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Australian Gold Gem & Treasure
Gold & Treasure Hunter
Gold Prospector
International California Mining Journal

Australian Gold Gem & Treasure Magazine
Australian Gold Gem & Treasure is Australia's leading metal detecting, treasure hunting and prospecting magazine. It is published by The Magazine Works Pty Ltd.
P.O. Box 1034 Eastwood
NSW. 2122, Australia
Tel.: 02-9876-8830
Fax: 02-9876-8830

Gold & Treasure Hunter Magazine
P.O. Box 47 
Happy Camp, CA 96039 USA
Tel.: 916-493-2062 
Fax: 916-493-2095

Gold Prospector Magazine
P.O. Box 891509 
Temecula, CA 92589-1509
Tel.: 1-800-551-9707

International California Mining Journal Magazine
Building a readership of over 30,000 has involved providing the most vital and up-to-date information on all phases of mining--from corporate to recreational. We offer articles detailing mining ventures around the world; up-to-date methods on mining and prospecting; and firsthand accounts from those who have dug the trenches and tunnels; Monthly features include essays on mining law, mine and precious metal investments, a calendar of mining-related events, and a list of changes in the precious metals market.
P.O. Box 2260
Aptos, CA 95001-2260
Tel.: (831) 479-1500
Fax: (831) 479-4385

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